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Dorothy finds inspiration for her designs from the rural countryside of Wakeman Ohio, where you can find her surrounded by an assortment of woodland creatures and her beloved entourage of stray kitties!

Yoshiko Yamamoto creates beautiful block print designs reminiscent of the Arts & Crafts style of the 20's. She shares her time between her studios in Kamakura Japan and Tacoma Washington.

Maren Schaffner was an artist living in North Germany with her gang of cats and dogs in an old farmhouse in a windswept area between the North Sea and the Baltic. Unfortunately, Maren passed away in 2014. This is the last of her precious cards...

Mary Lake-Thompson is a well known artist and owns Mary Lake-Thompson Ltd, an established and reputable gift ware business. Her artwork may be seen on flour sack towels, aprons, tote bags and many other products. Located in Oroville, California, Mary has licensed her artwork to Sugarhouse Greetings for everyday greeting cards, Christmas cards and paper gift. To shop Mary's other products please visit

Merideth is a painter, jewelry maker and all around art maker. She lives in the mountains of West Virginia and is inspired by life around her, whether it is the mountains, a bee landing on a butterfly bush,or the people she meets. Her art is carved then painted with oil pastels to create a bold dynamic look. To shop Merideth's other wonderful products, visit

Nancy Tillman is a renowned Children's book author and artist. Her first book, On the Night You Were Born, is a #1 NY Times best seller (5 have made that prestigious list to date!) She has written 15 Children's books to date and surely there will be more to come. This collection of greeting cards come from her books, inspiring words to let children know that they are loved (children of any age!). Originally from the South, she now lives in Oregon with her husband and a few furry friends.

Once Upon a Card's vivid, playful photography invites you into a captivating world of whimsy, romance, and sophisticated humor. Be sure to read "Goat Herd" our #1 best selling card.

Paris Bottman has been entertaining us with her whimsical characters for over 25 years. Her 'dressed animal' career began with a series of handmade porcelain figures and proceeded to colored pencil drawings and watercolors. She continued with her very popular line of Okay Cards. They are hand cut block prints that are colored then reproduced in various greeting cards and paper gift. Paris delights in bringing a smile to our faces with her creations.

Simon Drew creates a wonderful world of images using verbal and visual puns that delight and amuse. Well known throughout the United Kingdom, Simon is gifted with a fine sense of fun and a creative imagination. In spite of drawing at every opportunity, Simon and his wife Caroline find time to run a very popular art and craft gallery in Dartmouth, Devon. Simon's greeting cards are all blank on the inside.

Wild Indigo is a line of greeting cards that utilizes photographic images from the past, altered to accentuate the warm feeling of familiarity. Many of these images come from the family albums, historical archives, and many from the Library of Congress. Wild Indigo was originally founded by artists Debbie Gehman and Kirsten Soderlind. The line is now in the hands of the graphic artists at Sugarhouse Greetings.